how much water and apple cider vinegar do i have to drink to detox my body?

how much water and apple cider vinegar do i have to drink to detox my body?

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Query by A.W: how significantly water and apple cider vinegar do i have to drink to detox my body? if i drink a gallon of water every six hours and a complete beer mug of apple cider vinager each and every 7 hours how quickly can i get this cocaine out of my blood streaam? i went to my pals party and he got me some five hints perhaps, my mistake. this was sunday evening 12 am.. then i slept for 11 hours and then was out walking in the city i had a big coffee and some food like cheese and bread but i forgot to drink now its 12 am monday i really feel it in my muscles so i am starting to drink apple cider vinegar and water and some tea with chamemile and i am gonna drink this mug of apple cider each and every 7 hours because on thursday i am flying out..the final time they said i had metals in my blood but quite low and mentioned that in the future i may possibly be questioned if these metals increse up to double that size shown that day..and this was like five months ahead of of my departure and it was nonetheless showing..that day so i don''t even know if i ought to get on this flight on thursday they just may stop me and concerns me why this level of metals incresed, i typically have a very good excuse that a buddy who has a presciption for weed had me do some puffs prior to this flight so that i can calm my nervous method and that also i do acupuncture and do a great deal of chinese medicine and drink herbal formulas and so forth that the metals may come for that given that i generally go to chinatown and they do formulas for me for allergies and nervous method and so i may possibly not get on this flight since the last two weeks i have been hanging out with this buddy on two seperate occasions and two weeks ago i believe we partied all night and day so two weeks later i only did couple hints and that was it.. what really should i do subsequent

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Answer by Peter and Ilona
This is your life. The very best point to do is not to abuse your physique by abusing drugs. They stay in your cells, whatever you are performing. It is not a joke. Ask yourself why do you want to shorten your life, or result in misery for by yourself? There are lots other methods to appreciate life than use hazardous drugs.

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