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How You Can Lose Weight By Figuring Your Basal Metabolic Rate

If you think you can lose weight just by fasting and taking diet pills, then you’re setting yourself up for failure. Not only do those things not work, they can actually make you gain the weight back even faster when you inevitably give in to your hunger and start eating again. For real weight loss that will last, figure out what your basal metabolic rate is and make it work for you, not against you.

If you want to lose weight, forget fasting and diet pills, they do not work, in fact they can make your sick! Losing weight unfortunately is not as easy as taking a pill or not eating.

Losing weight requires that you do healthy things for your body so that your body functions correctly and the weight will come off. Giving your body what it needs makes all the difference between burning fat or gaining more fat! When you try all those low-calorie or low fat diets they only work until you hit the weight loss plateau and then you stop losing weight. The reason they don’t work, in part, is because your metabolism slows down as it adjusts to your diet. You hit the plateau because your body is now adjusted to the low calories or the low fat diet you were on and unless you do something different, like lowering the calories again or lowering the fat intake, you can’t lose anymore weight. So how do you go about losing weight?

Here is one simple weight loss plan:

Calculate your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) this is how much energy your body needs in order to maintain normal vital functions such as breathing and digesting foods. The Harris-Benedict formula is used to calculate BMR. You can search online weight loss sites and find BMR calculators to do this calculation for you.

Next calculate your activity level by using a calorie calculator that you can also find online. Figure out how many calories you burn while you sit, stand, while you are exercising, lifting weights or whatever you do throughout the day.

Now keep track of how many calories you eat using a food journal. Add up all the food and drink you consume each day.

If at the end of the day you eat fewer calories that you burn, you will lose weight. If you eat as many as you burn, you won’t lose weight but your weight will stay the same. If you eat more calories than you burn you will gain weight.

If your BMR is 1400 calories and you burn 900 calories everyday doing your daily activities to maintain weight you should eat 2300 calories, to lose weight eat less than 2300 calories. If you make an effort to burn an extra 500 calories each day you can lose a pound a week in weight and that is a good safe amount to lose each week. If you don’t like to count calories, have someone do the initial count work for you.

When using your basal metabolic rate to help you lose weight, keep in mind that small activities done regularly can really add up the calories you burn. Your chances of achieving ultimate success will be greatly increased if you set weight loss goals that are small and realistic, and just keep at it.

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