Diabetic - 3 Foods to Avoid

Diabetic - 3 Foods to Avoid

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The diabetes disease occurs when the insulin enzyme produced by pancreas is not function effectively. When the effectiveness of insulin reduced, sugar in the blood stream will be absorbed easily by the cells and ensuing it to accumulate. The accumulation of it will develop serious illness to our health level.

In this fast new world, foods that we are taken every day will be the benchmark of our health. It is because food is the main energy sources. Importantly, either we are the diabetic or not, we should take a serious planning meal in order to prevent or to cure it.

There are several foods that must be avoided if you are diabetic patient. Firstly, make sure all foods in the meal plan is low in fat, low in sugar, high in fiber and low in salt. Then, avoid the foods that rich in sugar. Seriously avoid food such as ice cream, chocolate, artificial sweetener, etc. ‘SAYS NO’ to high cholesterol food such as eggs yolk, poultry products, high fat dairy product, etc. Lastly, if you are love-fried food, try to avoid it because it increases the present of bad cholesterol. If you still insist of it, fry it in olive oil. This will be much better choice.

This way only will success if you have a very high motivation and a good morale support around you. So, inform the ones you love that already make a good plan and a good food choice. Then, follow the plan. Good luck!

How to prevent diabetes complication

Eventually, the complication of diabetes if not treated well for prolonged periods will lead to death. The most common complication for the diabetes will engage the heart, nerves and eyes. The prevention steps must be taken in order to avoid the serious illness in the prolonged time.

The diabetes disease is widely known as a genetic condition. So, please make sure you will regularly do the medical check-ups. It’s important in order to know the blood pressure level. If you can control the blood pressure level, it’ll prevent you from getting anymore-serious illness due to that condition.

Occasionally, if we eat too much protein, it can be detected in our urine. It can be the early signed of getting kidney disease. It’s because the kidney have to work hard when the present of excessive protein in our diet. Normally, the health advisor will suggest minimizing the protein intake and putting you under certain medication.

These two steps must be dealt with swiftly and constantly. The success will come if you do a suitable diabetic meal plan, having regular exercise, taking medication if needed and having a great family morale support around. Then, you will live in a healthy lifestyle.

Over the years, the scientist continuously searching the ample evidence for the diabetes causes. It is hardly to understand the whole causes for diabetes, but there are several causes that already widely known by the scientist.

The sufficient research stated that somebody with a diabetes history in his family would have a 33% higher chance of mounting diabetes than a person with no such history. This real fact proved it is a genetic condition. However, the genetic condition is not the merely causes for diabetes. Whoever consume proteins, fats and processed foods in great amount also will have the high risk to develop diabetes. Why protein and fats? Because they are the bigger sources of food will be transformed into sugar in our body mechanism.

Moreover, the fact showed that 85% of people who suffered the obesity is highly risky in developing the diabetes because the excessive present of fatty tissue in the body will make the insulin did not function effectively. The last factor that can be contributed to develop diabetes is when too much stress in our life. Unfortunately, it will give the negative impact on our metabolism and guide to sugar in the urine.

All the factors are involving the way of our daily life. We can choose either a healthy lifestyle or unhealthy lifestyle. The choice is always there. We choose what we want to be!

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