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100% Natural Herbal Weight Loss Formula

Optimax is a 100% herbal formula that consists of the highest quality herbs to help you increase your metabolism and burn more stored fat. By making your body more sensitive to insulin it will use your stored fats as energy instead of your stored proteins. The result is more lean muscle mass and less fat.

Diet and exercise are key tools in losing weight. Unfortunately for most of us it''s very hard to adapt our diets with the fast-paced world we live in. We don''t always have time to prepare healthy meals and exercise regimes can''t always be worked into our busy lives. That''s where Optimax can help! Simply taking 1 capsule 3 times a day can show a significant difference in your weight management program.

100% Natural Herbal Weight Loss Formula

Featured Miracle Weight Loss Article

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Featured Miracle Weight Loss Article

Learn the Secrets the Weight Loss Industry Doesn''t Want You To Know About Weight Loss Diets


by: Armand Dupuis

All weight loss diets make you Fat

That�s right, because on all weight loss diets, you always gain it back, and usually with a few extra pounds as a bonus, so why diet?

What�s the point in losing 20 Lbs, and gaining back 25?

Are you fed up with being overweight, and sick and tired of going on diets?

Why go through all the struggles of dieting, the starvation, the cravings, and the ultimate struggle with willpower, only to gain it all back?

When you consider the damage this does to your health, it''s simply not worth it, however...

There is an easy answer, but first...

You must understand the Biggest Problem

Definitely, one of the biggest problems in weight control is the weight loss Industry!


They want you to �Fail�; otherwise they would have no more business, think about it.

If everybody lost the weight for good, the weight loss Industry would die overnight, so they want you to gain it all back, then they lay a �Guilt Trip� on you for not sticking to your diet or maintenance diet.

Sound familiar? But...

Why should you feel guilty about not being able to stick to some totally unnatural starvation diet? That doesn�t make any sense, but that�s what happens.

However most people never look at it that way, because they are so emotionally tied up with their own weight problem that they never look at it from the other side, from the Business point of view.

It�s Critical that you understand this.

So let me give you a simple example...

Suppose that you lived in a small Town which had no weight loss clinic but was big enough to support one, so you decided to go into the Business of Weight Loss. You do some Serious Research, and here�s what you find...

You have Two Options:

1. You can put together a good weight loss diet plan which loses the weight pretty quickly, and since everybody loses the weight by dieting, they are Guaranteed to gain it all back, so... You�ll have a very profitable Business for life, or...

2. You can teach everyone how to lose the weight permanently, and go out of Business within one to two years (because everyone�s Slim now).

Which would you choose?

Good question isn�t it? You see the problem!

The reality is that the weight loss industry, just in the USA & Canada alone, is worth over $44 Billion per Year, and the failure rate is over 98%.

I Rest My Case!

One of the main reasons for that, is that all weight loss clinics give you a diet to follow, no exceptions. It doesn�t matter if the weight loss diet is a meal plan, meal replacements, fasting drinks, diet pills, or whatever, the reality is...

The faster you lose the weight by following any kind of weight loss diet...

The faster you will regain all the weight

That�s reality!

Until you can accept that, you are only playing games with your own mind. The reason is quite simple, because...

Every single weight loss diet, �slows down your metabolism�, NO EXCEPTIONS!

Every weight loss Clinic would have you believe that it�s only a matter of finding the right weight loss diet for you (theirs of course).

Here�s The Secret

If depriving yourself of food (weight loss diets), causes long term weight gain, then...

Adding food to your diet will cause long term weight loss!!! THAT�S RIGHT!

It works every time, however...

It has to be the right food. In our free weight loss program, our students keep on eating what they like and we actually add (real) food to their diet, and we help them to easily change...

Not so much what they eat, but how they eat, and...

It works �every time�

Actually, we only have one Major Rule:


Instead of putting the �Focus� on destroying the metabolism with weight loss diets, we focus on...

Rebuilding the metabolism and the fat begins to melt away. That�s the only answer you know. It�s quite easy once you know the Secrets.

I realize that�s hard to believe, but how many people do you know who went on a weight loss diet, and �Kept it off�, again...

I rest my case!

The most important thing here is for you to inform yourself, and please realize that over 98% of everything that you think you know about weight loss, was taught to you either directly or indirectly by �The weight loss diet Industry�...

And now we both know what their Motivation is: �To Keep You Fat�, so that you keep coming back year after year, and giving them your hard earned money.

Make up your Mind to not get Scammed anymore.

I hope that I�ve helped in some small way, to guide you on the right path to slimming down for Life.

Have a Great Life!

About The Author

Armand Dupuis is a Personal Trainer, Lecturer, Teacher, and permanent weight loss specialist, who has been a Serious Researcher into Human Consciousness for half a Century. As Founder of The Slim America Weight Loss Project, Mr. Dupuis has presently specialized his Teachings, into a powerful permanent Weight Loss System, and Information is available on his Web Site.



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