5 Easy Steps to Pass the Certified Nursing Assistant Skills Test

5 Easy Steps to Pass the Certified Nursing Assistant Skills Test

Use these smart steps to ace the certified nursing assistant skills test.

Working as a CNA is a great career choice with a lot of employment opportunities. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in the next five years, there will be a projected increase of 35% for the demand for certified nursing assistants, thanks to the aging population in the United States.

When you have decided to become a CNA, congratulations to you! Now you will need to meet the state requirements, take a short formal certified nursing assistant training, and pass the CNA exam.

The competency examination is composed of two parts: written and skills test. Here are 5 straightforward steps that can help you get an excellent grade for the certified nursing assistant skills test:

  • Pay attention. Listen to the instructions carefully and be keen to the details of what the examiner wants you to perform. You will typically be asked to demonstrate 3 or 5 nursing care tasks within a specified time. The state examiner will observe and then evaluate your demonstration.
  • Always wash your hands. Never fail to do this most important and basic step of washing your hands carefully before and after performing a patient care task. Use the proper hand-washing technique within an appropriate length of time.
  • Give your patient utmost respect. You can do this by observing proper decorum, discretion and safety. For instance, always knock at the door before entering a room. You have to give the patient as much privacy as possible. During the whole nursing care, draw the curtains and keep them closed.

Also call your patient using her or his correct name. These things will be observed and evaluated by the examiner to ensure that you are aware of these rules.

  • Consider each step carefully. Before taking a step, be sure that you are using the best methodology for a certain task. For example, when doing a task that requires you a sort of contact or a possible contact with bodily fluids, you have to put on your gloves.

Do not also forget to explain to the patient while performing a nursing care task. The key here is to remember your training and utilize the right step for each task such as the proper use of transfer belt, or putting the call light within an easy reach of your patient.

  • Take practice skills test. There is nothing more effective to prep up sufficiently for the certified nursing assistant skills test than doing a lot of practice. So use this to your best advantage and practice those skills that you have not yet mastered.

This can also help you hone your reflexes and muscle memory, while gaining more confidence to demonstrate each task naturally. Take time to master the right way to take, record and monitor vital signs.

These are very helpful tips when prepping up for the actual certified nursing assistant skills test and ensure desired results.

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